In the air and on the roadways, Pelican city airport was hot breakfast spot Aug. 6

Pilots came by air, and by land, to the annual Fly In Drive In breakfast at the Pelican Rapids city airport August 6.  

Breakfast was served by the Pelican Rapids Area Rotary Club, to a steady stream of folks—including nearly 20 pilots who flew in from around the region.  The event is an opportunity to showcase the municipal airport, and also give people a chance to examine aircraft and learn about aviation.  

More than 200 were served during the morning, and the Rotary Club collected about $1,600, which will be donated back to the community for student scholarships and other civic projects. 

Among the vehicles, this classic delivery truck is displayed by Tanner Nelson.

Pictured above are scenes from the morning event—including a bi-plane that was a crowd favorite (above left).  There were two bi-planes at the event, including one that was a World War I era training plane—more than a century old (above right). 

Also arriving was a “gyro-copter,” which attracted attention on landing and take-off.

Members of the Lakes Area Cruisers join in for the event, displaying classic cars at the breakfast.