The merry-go-round at the West Otter Tail Fair in Fergus Falls was again popular, with kids riding horses. The fair ran July 20-23

Where did merry-go-rounds originate from?

The first merry-go-rounds were not rides at all. The concept was developed way back in the 12th century by knights who wanted to hone their agility and jousting skills. After mounting their horses, the knights would form a circle and gallop while simultaneously tossing a ball back and forth.

Where is the oldest merry-go-round?

The oldest carousel in America in continuous public operation is located in the village of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. Named the Flying Horse, it provided its first ride way back in 1876.

Woodworking device is a Mystery Tool with an antiquated function

Here’s a “Mystery Tool” that will require the focus of a few great minds—maybe aging minds. Hints: It is a wood-working device, and hardly a soul alive today is likely to have used this gadget for its intended purpose.
It attaches to a drill; and it has a wood plane cutting edge, which is adjustable.

This handy tool was brought to the Pelican Rapids Press office by Jim King, pictured here with the unit.

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