By Nicole WK

Joe Clauson (right) welcomes folks to the event before Lee Brenna (left) leads them in song.

Stormy weather forcasts may have kept most people away from the outdoor stage at Trinity Lutheran’s parking lot on Sunday, but those who came were happy to be there. 

The kids had their own service over near a bouncy house, after some rides on the barrel train.

Meanwhile, Joe Clauson welcomed everyone who came out despite the potential rain and attendees enjoyed contemporary and traditional hymns led by Lee Brenna and his accompanying band. 

A ‘congregation’ of community members from various churches came to partake in the Sunday worship service at Pelican Fest.
Kids enjoyed barrel train rides and romps around the bouncy house before a special kids service held at the same time as the main service.

Multi-Church Ministerium

Pastor Bai of South Immanuel Lutheran delivers his sermon encouraging people to embrace both diversity and what they have in common.

Reverand Alex Ohman of Faith Lutheran introduced himself before walking around with a donations basket while Pastor Phil Tobin of Central Lutheran explained more about the ministerium they have organized to expand the impact their churches can have on the community by working together. 

Tobin highlighted the ministerium’s Emergency Fund. Together with police chief Jeff Stadum and organizations like Community Life Services and the local food shelf, they use funds to help those in the community who find themselves in need of assistance. Donations collected will go towards the fund.

Two puzzle pieces, one puzzle

Pastor Isaiah Bai from South Immanuel Lutheran Church gave a sermon highlighting the many ways people tend to focus on their differences, and encouraged folks to embrace that diversity and also acknowledge the many things they have in common. Two puzzle pieces randomly chosen from the box may not fit together, but the puzzle would not be complete without them. Everyone has their part to play in the “Kingdom of God” and in their community. 

Almost beat the rain

Reverend Eric Schwirian from Trinity Lutheran almost made it through his closing prayers before the air became too thick and rain started to fall, but Lee Brenna wasn’t concerned as he sang and strummed out a closing song while people gathered their chairs and ran to their cars to escape the rapidly increasing rain. 

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