Pictured here, the entire group of Lida Greens Golf Course youth camp participants.

Lida Greens Golf Course held its annual Kids Golf Camp June 7th for children in grades one to five. 

The weather cooperated, and a beautiful sunny day was spent learning all the different facets of the wonderful game of golf. This special kid’s day started off with some classroom time out on the pro shop deck. 

Joe Hilber, course owner, gave a history of the game of golf, complete with an old-fashioned set of clubs for the kids to check out. 

Remember when woods were made of wood and putters were iron? 

Tony Cairo, Course Trainer, provided an outline of the day. He also gave an overview of the game of golf, and a reminder to the kids to have respect for the game, respect for the course, and respect for their playing partners. He also explained that the goal for the day was to “have fun.” 

David Hilber helping novice golfers maneuver the sand pit.

Out on the lawn, David Hilber, the course Superintendent, showed off all of his course equipment and explained the different uses. The mowers sure looked bigger than Mom’s at home.

Each child was assigned a Camp Counselor, a team, and a child-sized bag of clubs. After a tour of hole #1 with explanations of the different clubs, each team headed to a different station. Tony Cairo explained Driving out on the driving range. 

Bob Brooks gave tips over on the practice putting green along with a ball marker for each student. And David and Tony Hilber gave instructions on how to handle the bunker and chipping on number nine.

Bob Brooks gave each student golfer a ball marker for the putting green

Camp counselors kept their teams moving from station to station and, at noon, took a break on the deck for lunch and lemonade. The afternoon was spent golfing.

After that, back to the deck for a snack. To end the day, each counselor presented their golfers with a camp certificate and a gift bag which included a round of free golf.

Lida Greens thanks all the volunteers who helped make the day a success for all the kids who attended. Camp counselors were Jean Cairo, Lisa Brooks, Colleen Brakke, Natalie Hilber, and Eva Kelly. Helping out in the pro shop were Racheal Storm, Joe Hilber, and Jodi Roman.