Pelican’s Charlie Larson at the May 10 Section 6A meet.
Nick Haugrud, pictured earlier this season, placed first in shot put at the Section meet.
Sam Moe, second from left, in relay event.
Lady Viking Bella Sjostrom
On the track for the Vikings, Jack Welch, far right.


Pelican hosted Section meet

The Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field Teams hosted the Section 6A True Team Championships on May 10. 

True Team is a unique meet in that every competitor scores for his or her team. Each team can have two athletes compete in individual events and one relay team. 

The Boys’ team secured a championship for the first time in nearly 30 years and advances to the State True Team meet in Stillwater May 21.

Top 10 Performances:

Megan Guler, 2nd, 100m, 13.62
Megan Guler, 1st, 200m, 27.43
Sadie Funk, 7th, 200m, 28.54
Megan Guler, 5th, 400m, 1:04.37
Sadie Funk, 6th, 400m, 1:04.44
Morgan Korf, 10th, 800m, 2:37.08
Kelsey Isaman, 10th, 1600m, 5:56.32
Tori Stephenson, 4th, 100mH, 18.14
Tori Stephenson, 7th, 300mH, 52.02
Grace Backstrom, 8th, 300mH, 52.42
Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 8th, 58.16
Girls 4x200m Relay, 1:59.27
Girls’ 4x400m Relay, 4th, 4:28.78
Girls’ 4x800m Relay, 5th, 11:00.10
Grace Backstrom, 3rd, High Jump, 4-10
Shira Gnahn, 9th, Pole Vault, 6-6
Ellie Welch, 6th, Shot Put, 30-07
Janae Laferriere, 10th, Discus, 88-06.75
Peyton Blakeway, 4th, 100m, 11.83
Carter Johnson, 5th, 100m, 11.85
Carter Johnson, 7th, 200m, 24.94
Hunter Wiliams, 10th, 200m, 25.14
Sebastian Centeno, 2nd, 200m, 52.75
Carter Johnson, 8th, 400m, 55.75

Sebastian Centeno, 3rd, 800m, 2:11.01
Sam Moe, 9th, 800m, 2:18.55
Charlie Larson, 2nd, 1600m, 4:43.10
Charlie Larson, 1st, 3200m 10:30.39
Jack Welch, 9th, 3200m, 12:05.27
Anthony Checco de Souza, 6th, 110mH, 19.17
Tristan Landberg, 7th, 110mH, 19.39
Tristan Landberg, 2nd, 300mH, 45.05
Anthony Checco de Souza, 5th, 300mH, 46.75
Boys’ 4x100m, 3rd, 46.78
Boys’ 4x200m, 1st, 1:35.98
Boys’ 4x400m, 1st, 3:41.45
Boys’ 4x800m, 5th, 9:32.34
Brayden Ecker, 2nd, High Jump, 6-2
Sam Moe, 5th, High Jump, 9-6
Carter Johnson, 7th, High Jump, 9-0
Brayden Ecker, 3rd, Long Jump, 18-11.25
Hunter Williams, 7th, Long Jump, 18-04.25
Brayden Ecker, 2nd, Triple Jump, 40-01.25
Nick Haugrud, 1st, Shot Put, 44-02.5
Justin Jacobson, 2nd, Shot Put, 41-10.50
Nick Haugrud, 1st, Discus, 134-0
Justin Jacobson, 2nd, Discus, 125-0

The Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field competed at Perham on Thursday, May 12. Storms swept in for the last part of the meet, but that didn’t stop the teams from posting multiple top-10 performances.

Top 10 Performances:

Boys’ 4x800m Relay, 2nd, 9:42.40
Girls’ 4x200m Relay, 2nd, 1:51.99
Boys’ 4x200m Relay, 2nd, 1:49.74
Girls’ 4x100m Relay, 4th, 58.56
Boys’ 4x100m Relay, 2nd, 52.12
Tori Stephenson, 4th, 100mH, 17.59
Brooklyn Scoplitte, 8th, 100mH, 21.16
Shira Gnahn, 9th, 100mH, 21.29
Anthony Checco de Souza, 2nd, 110mH, 19.13
Yahir Diaz, 4th, 100m, 12.42
Eddie Sanchez, 6th, 100m, 12.68
Olivia Kleinschmidt, 2nd, 400m, 1:05.74
Ari Hovland, 7th, 400m, 1:10.45
Brenna Davis, 8th, 400m, 1:10.74
Sam Moe, 2nd, 400m, 57.50
Andrew Martinez, 7th, 400m, 1:05.17
Grace Backstrom, 2nd, 300mH, 50.09
Anthony Checco de Souza, 1st, 300mH, 45.78
Tristan Landberg, 2nd, 300mH, 45.78
Sarah Haugrud, 7th, 800m, 3:01.81
Megan Guler, 1st, 200m, 26.97
Sadie Funk, 2nd, 200m, 27.64
Morgan Korf, 8th, 200m, 29.17
Sebastian Centeno, 1st, 200m, 23.84
Anthony Hernandez, 3rd, 200m, 25.63
Andrew Martinez, 7th, 200m, 27.84
Megan Guler, 9th, Long Jump, 13-05.5
Brayden Ecker, 1st, Long Jump, 18-02
Hunter Williams, 2nd, Long Jump, 16-08

Anna Roisum, 4th, Triple Jump, 28-05
Lexie Pixley, 5th, Triple Jump, 28-02.50
Marie Backstrom, 6th, Triple Jump, 26-06
Sarah Haugrud, 7th, Triple Jump, 24-02
Brayden Ecker, 1st, Triple Jump, 38-02.50
Enrique Rodriguez, 3rd, Triple Jump, 33-07
Jesus Moreno, 4th, Triple Jump, 33-05.50
Miguel Torres, 7th, Triple Jump, 32-08.50
Ellie Welch, 2nd, Discus, 85-08
Janae Laferriere, 3rd, Discus, 83-08
Nick Haugrud, 2nd, Discus, 139-11
Justin Jacobson, 3rd, Discus, 126-05
Hayden Hart, 7th, Discus, 92-03
Ellie Welch, 2nd, Shot Put, 29-01
Janae Laferriere, 6th, Shot Put, 26-09
Nick Haugrud, 2nd, Shot Put, 44-08.50
Justin Jacobson, 3rd, Shot Put, 43-02
Hayden Hart, 10th, Shot Put, 31-10.50
Grace Backstrom, 2nd, High Jump, 4-10
Anna Roisum, 6th, High Jump, 4-06
Brayden Ecker, 1st, High Jump, 6-02
Charlie Larson, 4th, High Jump, 5-02
Shira Gnahn, 7th, Pole Vault, 7-0
Aftyn Hahn, 8th, Pole Vault, 6-06
Brooklyn Scoplitte, 10th, Pole Vault, 5-0
Carter Johnson, 3rd, Pole Vault, 10-0
Sam Moe, 7th, Pole Vault, 9-0
Cole Allmaras, 8th, Pole Vault, 9-0
Ethan Walters, 10th, Pole Vault, 8-0