At a time when church musicians are in high demand everywhere,  Bev Terhune’s 25 years with Pelican church was an unusually long-time tenure 

By Nancy Hilber
Guest contributor 

In her arms, a statue of the “Patron Saint of Gardeners,” which will be an inspiration for Bev Terhune’s hobby in retirement. The statute was presented to her after a quarter-century in music with St. Leonard.

One of the truisms of life is that everything changes, nothing remains the same. 

Some changes affect you more than others, and that was the case at St. Leonard Church in Pelican Rapids when we said goodbye to our choir director, Bev Terhune, on April 27. 

Few people who attend that church can remember when she wasn’t the choir director, since her time in that position has spanned over twenty-five years.

Bev and her husband, Tim, moved to Lida Township about twenty-five years ago to run North Shore Resort. 

Bev states that it was the same time that she realized she needed God back in her life and started regularly going to church. She found herself participating in the choir, and they made use of her natural ability at the piano. She soon became the choir director for a time that has definitely experienced the thick and the thin. 

She well remembers times when the choir was her and one other singer and other times when it was just her.

Bidding farewell to St. Leonard Catholic Church choir director and keyboard player Bev Terhune, are members of the congregation. Pictured from left, Sue Thompson, Glenn Moerke, Eva Kelly, Chris Hovden, Bev Terhune, David Hilber, Nancy Hilber, Natalie Hilber, Steve Petersen.

In more recent times, the choir has solidified into a small but mighty group that consistently provides music that enhances the prayerful atmosphere and is pleasing to the congregation. 

She has been instrumental (no pun intended) in bringing her choir and the Spanish choir together for bilingual services. During her time at St. Leonard, she upgraded the keyboard clavinova to a small but powerful instrument that easily adapts to the differing vocal ranges of the choir. 

She was also a valued consultant in the purchase of the clavinova that is the keyboard at St. Elizabeth in Elizabeth.

Bev and Tim sold the North Shore resort last year and bought a home in Fergus Falls. They planned to build a lakeside home but decided that would not be necessary. 

And so Bev will be doing other projects, especially gardening, that she will find more time for. 

The choir presented her with a statue of St. Fiacre, the patron saint of gardeners, and with our best wishes, sent her on her way.