Healthy Heart, ‘Wolves Get Fit’

Pelican Rapids Viking elementary school students have been busy staying fit, participating in two programs: ‘The Timberwolves Get Fit’ and ‘Healthy Hearts Fundraising.’

Students were asked to be active for 25 minutes in the Timberwolves program and earn 1 point.  If they earned the qualifying point level of 25 and/or 50 or more points, students’ names were sent in to be given a Timberwolves game ticket as participants.  Students listed below earned tickets to see the Timberwolves in action.

Kids Healthy Heart fundraising participants did another outstanding job raising funds for the American Heart Association to help provide funds to develop educational programs for youth and adults, cardiovascular system research, and related therapy services.  

Students raised over $1,000 in less than 14 days (including three snowstorms), reported Viking phy ed teacher Shari Meester. 

Viking Elementary School is grateful to have students willing to help raise funding for others that may have cardiovascular health issues.

In the Healthy Hearts Fundraisers, a total of $1,514.02 was raised.

Giovanni Romero was the top fundraiser this year with $556.16.  Because of his fundraising efforts, Gio and his family were also asked to join the Kids Healthy Hearts Midwest All-Stars!

Other Kids healthy Hearts fundraisers for the American Heart Association were as follows:

Pelican Rapids elementary students have been active in fitness programs this winter, with the Healthy Hearts program and the Timberwolves Get Fit program. Students are pictured above with Viking school principal Derrick Nelson. Foreground, Giovanni Romero, who was the top fundraiser for Healthy Hearts, with $556.

Dominic Herdan  $157. 86

Dakota Dillon  $130.00

Ben Honrud  $120.00

Ean Bakken $105.00

Lyla Shonblom  $100.00

Dakota Budke  $90.00

Kloe Klovstad $75.00

Jackson Fiedler $60.00

Dalton Prudlick $40.00

Chase Brown $40.00

Asma Mohamed $15.00

Jaelynn Villagomez $10.00

Kayse Kirkwood $10 

Kamryn Kirkwood $10.00

Overall, the three top Heart Association  fundraising classes this year were:

1. Mrs. Nelson

Pictured here, the certificate students received from the Timberwolves Get Fit program.

2. Mr. Syverson

3. Mrs. Mackner

For the Timberwolves Get Fit program, the  participants were

Ben Honrud

Michael Honrud

Cayden Bakken

Aspen Satter

Ean Bakken

Dominc De Luna

Zaylyn Arrow

Jorden Nordick

Madilyn Johnson

Zayne Schulte