‘We Are Water’ of Otter Tail County would like to hear your connection to H2O

From Otter Tail County 

Otter Tail County is hosting a project called We Are Water MN. The traveling exhibit is presented in collaboration with the Minnesota Humanities Center. 

The goal of the community engagement initiative is to work together to connect, engage and educate each other about Minnesotans’ relationships to water by sharing multiple perspectives.

Otter Tail County has begun connecting with organizations and individuals interested in sharing their perspectives. These initial stakeholders will work together to share personal narratives, historical content, and scientific information about water in Minnesota. The next several months will be spent learning from each other, planning together, and preparing to launch the public exhibition and events. The level of involvement in the project is dependent on the individual or organizational capacity.

Otter Tail County needs you. Farmers, resort/lake homeowners, anglers, faith communities, artists, industry, students, people who drink well water, conservationists, and everyone all have a unique and important connection to water. By working together, the group hopes to tell a more complete story about water in Otter Tail County, including our communities’ goals to build relationships and responsibilities to water.

“We want to hear diverse voices throughout the county and listen to your water stories,” said Chris LeClair, Otter Tail County We Are Water co-chair. “These stories and your engagement are what makes the project unique to us in Otter Tail County. We encourage everyone to take part and tell your stories of why water is so important.”

Please participate and/or share this opportunity with others who have unique and interesting stories of water. If you are interested in exploring this more, please contact Shannon Terry at sterry@co.ottertail.mn.us or call 218.671.3445

The Humanities Center supports the project with training, funds, and events. 

The Fergus Fall Public Library will host the exhibit August 18-October 10. The site will include eight weeks of public programming, events, and a water-themed exhibit.