The third Minnesota State High School Mathematics League meet was held on December 14th. 

The Vikings again excelled on the Algebra and Geometry tests. 

Janae LaFerriere was the only student in the region to score a 5 on Test A. She only missed one question. 

Connor Larson and Sylvia Pesch were right behind her, each missing two questions. On Test B, Willem Pesch was one of only two students in the region to score a 5. Several Pelican mathletes were only one question behind him, including Ella Backstrom, Charlie Larson, Landyn Krueger-Pierce, Brody Syverson, and Tanner Tollerud. 

As was the case in the previous meet, Pelican was in first place midway through the four individual exams. However, Tests C and D proved to be more difficult and the Vikings slipped to fifth place in the region and second place in the section of similar-sized schools. Leading the way for the Vikings was Janae LaFerriere, who tied for fifth place in the region. Willem Pesch was only one point behind her, while Connor Larson, Sylvia Pesch, Brody Syverson, and Tanner Tollerud only trailed him by one. They were followed closely by Ella Backstrom, Charlie Larson, Landyn Krueger-Pierce, Kylee Holt, Lily Williams, and Lily Holl. 

Cumulative results show LaFerriere in fifth place in the section and sixth place in the region. Sylvia Pesch is only one point behind her, and Willem Pesch is one point behind his sister. Charlie Larson, Brody Syverson, and Connor Larson are also listed in the top 20 mathletes in the section. 

The Pelican Rapids team holds the second-place position in the virtual section of similar-sized schools and fifth place in the West Central region.