A holiday program with festive costumes and lots of movement was featured recently by the Pelican Just for Kix groups.

The Kix winter dance show, under the direction of Amy Potts, presented “Peppermint Twist” at the Pelican Rapids High School Leaders gym. 

About 60 to 70 dancers, from pre-schoolers to grade 6, will be danced to a large crowd at the new gym. 

The high school Valkyries dancers also participated in the program, with special appearances.

There are six Kix groups:

• Tiny Kix (pre-K)

• Wee Petites (K and 1st grade)

• Wee Kick (2nd and 3rd grade)

• Wee Jazz (2nd and 3rd grade)

• Mini/Middle Kick (4th-6th grade)

• Mini/Middle Jazz (4th-6th grade)