The Creviers’ Pelican performance included spectator involvement, as “victims” were called out of the audience to assist with ball spinning routines—including this hula hoop and ball combination. The Creviers performed in Pelican Nov. 9 in an event hosted by the Pelican chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. PHOTOS BY LOUIS HOGLUND AND JILL ROISUM
Members and adult volunteers with the Pelican Rapids Chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes are pictured here with visiting performers and inspirational speakers, Tanya and Caleb Crevier.
Tanya and Caleb Crevier have traveled internationally to perform their mind-boggling basketball handling routines.
They’ve also performed on television numerous times, including nationally broadcast NBA games.

These globetrotters aren’t from Harlem, but their basketball wizardry has been in the spotlight around the world—including Pelican, last week

Heads were spinning with wonderment at the Pelican Rapids schools Nov. 9—as basketballs were spun, tossed, dribbled and juggled nearly all day long. 

It was a “spintacular” extravaganza, as a pair of ball-handling wizards entertained—and inspired–youth and adults.

Tanya Crevier and her nephew Caleb Crevier are known around the world for their performances. These globetrotters aren’t from Harlem—they’re from an unlikely location: South Dakota. 

The Creviers’ appearance in Pelican Rapids was hosted by the local chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. During the school day, the pair mesmerized Pelican students; and on Tuesday night, performed for several hundred adults and young people at the high school Leaders gym. 

The pair spun basketballs, juggled, and dunked basketballs from a unicycle as tall as Pelican Pete. The aunt-nephew team create a two-ring circus atmosphere, with remarkable feats—combined with inspirational messages. 

Showmanship is a means to an end for the Creviers, as their ultimate objective is to inspire and motivate. 

Their Christian faith was front and center at the evening performance; but during the school day, the message was upbeat, though secular. 

“I don’t touch a basketball until I read the Bible,” said Tanya Crevier at the evening event, proclaiming her faith unashamedly and encouraging those attending to do the same. 

But their fundamental message is one of hope and inspiration for all. “Turn problems into possibilities, and obstacles into opportunities,” said Tanya. 

The Creviers have performed on television, at NBA games and nearly 50 countries across the world. Plus—they’ve performed for about 1,000 prison inmates, which was real-life reinforcement of Caleb Crevier’s cautionary message on drugs, alcohol, violence and peer pressure. 

The mixed crowd for the evening event included young and old—plus a contingent from the Barnesville chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. 

“We’re not always as welcoming as we should be to our Barnesville neighbors,” noted Lance Roisum, refering to the historic rivalry between Barnesville and Pelican over many decades. Roisum is active as an adult volunteer with the Pelican FCA chapter, and served as master of ceremonies at the evening program Nov. 9.

Key to the Crevier’s appearance here was John Eidsness, a fellow South Dakotan and retired, at South Dakota State and later Concordia basketball coach—who had connections with the Creviers. Eidsness has been active as an adult volunteer with the Pelican FCA. 

The local chapter of FCA meets every other Tuesday, 7 a.m. before school. Their annual activities range from charitable Christmas gifts to camp sponsorships for young Pelican athletes to free pizza for youth following Pelican school home games.