Luca Stricagnoli

How many guitars can one person play at one time? 

 Find out on Friday, November 12 at 7:30 p.m. at A Center for the Arts, 124 W. Lincoln Ave., downtown Fergus Falls. 

Luca Stricagnoli, born and raised in Italy, is an acoustic guitarist known for his unique style and innovative playing techniques. His original approach to music has led him to a variety of successes from obtaining over 100 million views on his music videos to having the opportunity to perform all around the globe.

Using up to five guitars in the same piece, modified capos, and self-conceived stratagems, Luca continually leaves his audiences in awe and wondering what’s next for this up-and-coming guitarist. 

In addition to his musical abilities, Luca brings an enthusiastic energy to the stage that attracts concert requests from every corner of the world.

His music has grabbed the attention of world-famous artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and countless acoustic guitar publications who write, “Luca Stricagnoli is one of the most exciting new players on the acoustic guitar scene. He bypasses the normal limit of the acoustic guitar and adapts it to any musical genre; from pop to rock, from soundtracks to original pieces.” 

Ticket information is available online at and at the box office (218)736-5453. Box office hours are 11:00 – 2:00 Monday through Friday.

Luca is performing at A Center for the Arts as part of their 2021-22 Center Series season.