Back in the day when country schooling was a Dunn deal

More school days photos, these from the Dunn Township area—and from the country school house era of a century ago. 

These are submitted by Duane and Dawn Seifert. 

Both images were taken at the School District 25, which was Dunn Township. 

This photo is from 1918, taken at the old Dunn School 7 miles north of Pelican Rapids. 

Front Row: Ernest Rupp, Lynn Cowls, Leonard Phillips, Russel Rupp, Ira Peck.

Second Row: Arnold Hoyt, Edward Peck, Lester Seifert, Charlie Baker, Alice Phillips, Tina Baker, Alma Halderman, Dorothy Dunn.

Third Row: Steven Page, Howard Seifert, Ernest Herting, Alvin Kvare, Donald Peck, Harrold Dunn, Florence Peck, Myrtle Hoyt.

The second photo shows the bell tower at the old Dunn School, which stands today near the intersection of highway 34 and 215th Ave. 

In 1948, the Dunn school consolidated into Pelican Rapids.

The Dunn schol was organized in 1876,and the building constructed in 1880.

Duane and Dawn Seifert’s ancestors pictured include Steve Page and Lynn Cowles. 

Mrs. John Page was teacher for several years prior to 1900. A census of the student population is listed here:

1888  34 pupils 

1886  41 

1887  23 

1889  25 

1890  23