About 100 trees are expected to fall to the axe with the 2024-25 Highway 59-108 project. 

Depending on how you look at it, the removal of the ash trees—and replanting with a different species—could be a blessing. 

Mosts of the trees are ash, and the emerald ash bore has decimated ash trees throughout the state. 

City public works superintendent Brian Olson said he supported the removal of the ash trees. Rather than wait for emerald ash bore to arrive to Pelican, Olson recommended “planting a healthier tree now.” 

Most of the trees are within the MnDOT right of way for the project, so would likely be removed regardless. 

The trees lining the east side of the West Central Turkeys plant will be perhaps the most noticeable. Those ash trees were not required to be removed in the design of the project, but were recommended for removal in connection fo the project, because their lifespan is limited.