This compact ‘Mystery Tool’ fits in a purse…but the little devices are a curiosity

This pocket-sized “seamstress kit” is a curiosity. The small packet, designed to fit in a purse, includes a sewing needle—of course. But we’re not sure what the other two little devices are designed for. 

The kit was brought in to the Press offices by Deb Hauge, who acquired the unusual sewing box at an auction, she speculated that two of the gadgets may have been used for upholstery work. 

Hauge is a year-round resident, and retired educator and school administrator—mostly at the Big Lake schools in Minnesota, near the Twin Cities. She has substituted in the Pelican schools, and also inquired with retired Pelican consumer science teacher Colleen Guhl about the little kit. Surprisingly, even Guhl was uncertain about the kit. 

As a sidenote, Hauge is a delighted “convert” to the Pelican lakes area lifestyle, and has been delighted to live in the area. 

 “We are so thoroughly impressed with Pelican Rapids and the schools. Top notch all around,” said Hauge. “I brag up Pelican Rapids. The kids couldn’t be nicer. The staff at school is great. And the people in the community are so friendly.”

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The “Mystery Tool” is an occasional feature in the Pelican Rapids Press.