Steve Haiby

Gov. Tim Walz and his administration recently announced the appointment of Steve Haiby of Pelican Rapids to the Minnesota State Board of Electricity.

Haiby is a resident of rural Pelican Rapids and has been involved in the power and electrical industry for over three decades. He is currently employed at Lake Region Electric Cooperative based in Pelican Rapids.

“It was an application process that I went through very early this spring and then they had a couple of interviews and I was chosen as a finalist and then got the appointment,” said Haiby.

Haiby added, “My primary responsibility on the board is to adopt the electrical code which all electrical wiring must adhere to in the state of Minnesota. It includes any amendments, and I will also work with the board to adopt rules that regulate the licenses and registrations of anyone working in the electrical industry. The board also oversees the rules and regulations that pertain to homeowners doing their own wiring also.”

Haiby has been with Lake Region Electric for almost 22 years, and prior to that he worked with an electrical contractor, and has accumulated a total of 34 years in the electrical industry along the way.

“I’m really excited to be able to work with the board of electricity and to be able to keep things safe on the installation of electrical wiring. Making an impact at the statewide level,” said Haiby.

Haiby’s term became effective Oct. 6 and will expire Dec. 31, 2023.

The Minnesota State Board of Electricity adopts and amends the electrical code and licensing rules for the electrical industry and also issues final interpretations of the electrical code.