Micah Kvidt of Kvidt Creative, left, Cory Hepola & Rudy Martinez in downtown Pelican Rapids, during the filming of one of the “Rural by Choice” segments, which is a seven part series of documentaries produced to promote Otter Tail County.

Pelican ties are prominent in documentary series on rural living

‘Rural by Choice’ is new 7-part docuseries that tells the story of why people choose to live in rural places—focusing specifically on Otter Tail County. 

The series includes prominent Pelican Rapids connections, including the producers and severeral topics and subjects. 

The docuseries was created by Otter Tail Lakes Country Association and Kvidt Creative to promote Otter Tail County. Micah and Jenna Kvidt grew up in Pelican Rapids. Meanwhile, among the subjects in the series are Rudy Martinez and Kate Woolever Martinez, who returned to Pelican after starting their careers in the Twin Cities metro area. 

WCCO Radio host and Perham-native, Cory Hepola also explores his roots growing up in Otter Tail County in the docuseries. He says, “Growing up here, I loved it, or at least what I knew about it. While filming Rural by Choice, I got the chance to find out more, and while doing that, discovered a new appreciation and understanding of rural living.” 

Each episode of the series tells the story of some of the most important things in Otter Tail County—farming and agriculture, fishing and outdoor recreation, local food and brews, arts and culture, supportive schools, and friendly community members. While fun and entertaining, the episodes also do not shy away from more thoughtful conversations about diversity, the ‘rural vs. urban divide,’ and perceptions of life in rural places.

“We had a lot of fun filming and editing Rural by Choice, and we are proud of the result. We have worked with Otter Tail Lakes Country Association in the past and enjoy coming back because we can tell special stories in the work we do with them, partly because we grew up here and Otter Tail County still means a lot to us,” said Micah Kvidt.

Otter Tail County’s Rural Rebound Initiative Coordinator, Erik Osberg, works with the County and Otter Tail Lakes Country Association is to promote Otter Tail County as a great place to visit, live, and work.

The first episode premiered September 12, with the rest of the episodes premiering weekly after that. 

It can be viewed on Facebook (www.facebook.com/OtterTailCo  untry), YouTube (www.youtube.com/c/OtterTailLakesCountryMN), and the Otter Tail Lakes Country Association website (ottertaillakescountry.com).