Curt, Staci and daughter Keirsten Markgraf, at the Dunvilla Shooting Club at the 2019 at the Tanner Markgraf scholarship shoot.
The late Tanner Markgraf, pictured here at about four years old. He died in August of 2018--due to a rare, genetic heart disorder.

Volunteers will take to the shooting range again this fall, for the Tanner Markgraf Memorial Shooting event Sept. 18.

The first event was hosted in 2019, and attracted more than 40 to the Dunvilla Shooting Range.  

The event is in memory of Tanner Markgraf, who never had a chance to join up with the Pelican Rapids school shooting team. Just days before he would enter the 7th grade, in 2018, Tanner died from an extremely rare heart disorder. Funds raised at the event are earmarked for a Pelican Rapids High School senior who is active in shooting and outdoor sports.

In 2021, the recipients of the Markgraf scholarship were Levi Johnson and Greta Tollefson. 

The event is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Shotgun shells will be available for purchase on-site from the Pelican Pheasants Forever chapter. Food and concessions from the Cornfield Cafe will be available for a free-will donation.

Shooters are encouraged to gather sponsors for the number of clays broken by the sponsored shooter. Non-shooters are invited to sponsor a shooter for the fundraising event. 

The late Tanner’s parents are Curt and Staci Markgraf, who said the idea of a trap shoot fundraiser was promoted by Dave and Patti Johnson, two of the founders of the Dunvilla range, who have also been active with the Pelican school shooting team and Pheasants Forever. 

For more information, call Curt Markgraf at 218-731-9036.