Post-rain storm light, cloud formations, setting sun provided panoramic vistas for camera enthusiasts

Long awaited rains fell on the Pelican Rapids area Aug. 20. Reports in the immediate Pelican area ranged up to about two inches, but the precipitation was uneven. As few as ten miles north, the rain was considerably less. 

But in Pelican city, the streets had water flowing like a mountain stream. 

After the rain clears and the sun peers through, the after-storm light and cloud formations are often dramatic and scenic landscapes. 

These photos were captured Friday evening, about 7 p.m.—all taken west of Pelican Rapids on Highway 108.

Note the famous, solitary, iconic “Tree” on 108, above, which is one of the most photographed single images in the lakes area. The tree has become a landmark, and a welcome to the lake country to a couple generations of lake visitors motoring east from the Red River Valley and North Dakota. 

All the photos were taken in various directions from the vicinity of “The Tree.”