“Spirit Rising,” local artist Marcella’s Rose 2016 piece inspired by the Pelican area discovery of “Glacial Minnesota Woman” is included in an international, online exhibit through Sept. 9.
An image of local artist Marcella Rose’s “Free Spirit” sculpture series.

Lakes area artist Marcella Rose featured in women and mythology exhibit

“Spirit Rising,” the sculpture inspired by “Minnesota Woman,” the archaeological find near Pelican Rapids, gained international exposure recently. 

The bronze sculpture by Marcella Rose is an interpretation of the girl, who is believed to be among the oldest human remains uncovered in the state. The discovery was during a road project in 1931, near Prairie Lake. The ancient girl was given the romantic name “Nimuué,” which roughly translates as “Lady of the Lake.”

Pelican artist Rose announced that “Spirit Rising was juried into the international “Wisdom Across the Ages” exhibition created in concert with the Association for the Study of Women & Mythology.

“Spirit Rising” was unveiled in 2016, in conjunction with the 85th anniversary of the discovery of Minnesota Woman. In June, the 90th year was commemorated, along with the Pelican Rapids multicultural “Friendship Festival.”

The international online Symposium was July 16-18 in honor of the late Dr. Marija Gimbutas. The online gallery, featuring “Wisdom Across the Ages” artwork continues to Sept. 9. 

“I was introduced to the work of Marija Gimbutas three decades ago, and it continues to influence my art and spiritual growth to this day,” noted Rose, who creates at her Prairie Lake home and in her downtown Pelican Rapids studio, Rose Gallery & Lady of the Lake Art Studio, which is open by appointment.

“Uncovering the earliest art forms and their connection in honoring the sacred feminine has always resonated with me,” noted Rose “My focus continues to evolve paradoxically – ancient and contemporary simultaneously – as my art reflects my spirituality through abstract realism.”

More information is available at MarcellaRose.com.

Perhaps best known as a painter, Rose has been focusing on sculpture recently.

“I have re-ignited my passion for sculpting and blending both animal and female form in clay and firing in the ancient method of 16th century Eastern Raku. The word ‘Raku’ signifies enjoyment. Its subtle yet vigorous beauty is valued because it is believed that the Spirit of the Maker is embodied in the form,” writes Rose.

Two sculpture projects are illustrated on her website, including a limited edition series of 50 bronze ponies, titled “Free Spirit,” which can be color-customized. 

Rose has also created an “Elemental Dance” series, featuring impressionistic figures. Each sculpture is a one-of-a-kind original work of art, and some are embellished with gold leaf or 23K gold lustre. 

 Rose traces her artistic roots and love for the natural world to growing up on a Minnesota farm as well as her travel experiences. 

Symbology, feminine figures and animals have long been a central focus of her work.

Spirituality is a constant in Rose’s work, from the Glacial Minnesota Woman “Spirit Rising” piece to her vivid impressionistic paintings, which have been displayed at the gallery and in the neighboring Muddy Moose coffee shop and restaurant.

“My art serves to reflect and radiate the divine essence within each and every form of life. I inhale inspiration from the Creator Herself. The impetus within all my expressions in art as I evolve, arose vividly deep and lavished with inspiration from Mother Nature,” writes Rose.