Serving as swimming pool manager in Pelican Rapids is Abby Mooney, pictured here as swimming lessons occur in the pool in the background.
There is still time to register for the second session of swimming lessons.
Mooney is a teacher at the Pelican Rapids High School.

Pool manager Abby Mooney is familiar face as teacher at
Pelican High School

The summer is off to a great start at the Pelican Rapids Community Pool, including swimming lessons for kids and open swimming for everybody. 

The pool opening was delayed due to the lifeguard shortage, which is hampering pools and swimming beaches across the nation. 

“Thank goodness the swimmers of our community now have a place to cool off as we face an unusually hot and dry season,” said Abby Mooney, pool manager. “Each day, a few dozen people visit our facility to hang out, excercise, and have fun with community. It is a breath of fresh air to witness the unbridled joy that comes with leaping off of the diving board or learning to swim for the first time.” 

A teacher at the Pelican Rapids High School, Mooney stepped foward to accept the pool position—and was instrumental in recruiting the seven lifeguards on board for the season. 

“I find that the pool being fully open is a concrete example that we are inching ever closer to a life akin to a time before the COVID pandemic,” said Mooney. 

There are seven new lifeguards this year and a new swimming instructor working at the pool. “All of them have been working diligently to make sure everyone has a safe and fun time while swimming,” said Mooney.

Mooney accepted the position of managing the pool after several pool board members approached her. 

“I really value the community and I want to be a part of helping it to thrive,” said Mooney. “To me, that means ensuring that one of our assets–a community pool–is open and running. Also, being a teacher in the high school meant that I could help recruit lifeguards, and having already built a rapport with them, I could ensure that my lifeguards met the high expectations that come with keeping people safe.”

There was a learning curve transitioning from teaching to managing, acknowledged Mooney, but she said she is happy to be in this position. 

“Our entire staff has worked really hard so far this summer, and there is nothing better than the squeals and giggles of kids enjoying time outside to signify that things are going well thus far,” she added.

Pool hours are:


Lap Swim (12-1)  

Open Swim (1-5) 

Water Aerobics (5-6) 

Sat.-Sunday Open Swim (12-7) 

There are still openings for the second session of swimming lessons (July 26-Aug 6). 

The available lessons are: 

Level 6 (8:30-9:00) 

Level 5 (9:00-9:30) 

Level 4 (9:30-10:00) 

Level 3 (10:00-10:30) 

Level 2 (10:30-11:00) 

Pre-K Parent/Child (11:30-noon) 

Lessons are $25 per child. 

Stop by the pool during open hours to register.