Post-pandemic return 4th of July fest

Rollag crew hauled wood-fired Case to Erhard parade

The Rollag Steam Threshers Reunion towed this gem through the Erhard 4th of July parade: A tidy little Case steam tractor, powered by wood-burning. The crew also had Pelican Rapids connections. Gretchen Dillon, second from left, is a licensed hobby boiler operator, from Maple Grove. She’s a Rollag farm show enthusiast whose grandparents were Carl and Wilma Breckenfelder, of the Pelican area. Her parents are Tom and Mary Jo Dillon, far right. Other family members center, include youngsters Lia Jo and Genevieve Shetka, and their mom, Mallory Shetka, Lake Crystal.
At far left, a veteran Rollag hand— Ken Griffis, Fargo.
The Rollag reunion is every Labor Day weekend, since the 1950s.

The Mill Pond Apartments crew returned to the post pandemic area parade circuit with this patriotic golf cart at the Erhard July 4th festivities, and banner noting the parent firm, Schuett Companies.
Every tiny patch of shade was occupied for the Erhard July 4th parade—which returned after a one year break due to the pandemic of 2020. This happy bunch of red-white-blue-sporting spectators wave to the parade units on the sunny, hot morning.
Todd Budtke, Erhard area, with his restored 1968 Chevelle—in which he patrolled the streets for the Erhard 4th of July parade. The sporty two-door was his first car, which he bought in 1978.
The corn man of southwest Erhard, Pat Millard, deploys this classic 1955 Dodge to peddle ears from his farm. Millard entered his vintage rig in the Erhard 4th of July parade—complete with an old fashion, hand painted “Local Corn” sign. He plants about five acres of sweet corn each season at his property west of Fergus Falls.
Flags flew on the 4th of July in Erhard, including this array of red, white and blue. The tall flag in the center has become a trademark for Erhard’s 4th. The flag on a towering lift, even rises above Erhard’s tallest point—the steeple on Grace Lutheran Church.
This restored beauty, a 1964 Chevy truck, was a proud entry in the Erhard July 4th parade—from Ripley’s Inc. The rig was the first truck for the company, established in 1969—and the company continues today as not only the largest industrial-contracting concern in the small city of Erhard, but one of the largest in West Otter Tail County.
The Grunewalds have been a July 4th “institution” for the Erhard celebration. Roger, left, Elizabeth area, comes equipped with classic FarmAll tractors and farm equipment, and a manure-spreader—which he likes to call his “politician” unit. He is pictured with Brent Grunewald, Pelican Lake. Note the banner on the trailer—thanking the Erhard July 4th committee for their volunteer spirit, from the Grunewald family.
The miniature “Ye Olde School House” has been refurbished and renovated, and made its appearance in the Erhard 4th of July parade. Louis Stetz, right, performed most of the renovation work—promoting the rural Edwards-area dining establishment. Also pictured, Bob Grant and Mikala Munday, prior to the start of the parade.