Jason Fahje (father), Ian Fahje with Coach Pete Waller
Ian has earned 4 minnesota clay target league state patches, for his 25/25 shooting accuracy this season.
Coach Jim Fitzgerald and athlete Austin Fitzgerald showing off his 2 well earned, 25/25 consecutive minnesota clay target league state patches this Spring season.

Dunvilla range hosts meet, 12 Pelican shooters traveled to state event in Alexandria

Barnesville and Pelican Rapids Trap Teams met at the Dunvilla Shooting Club on June 6, four days after the first meeting at Barnesville’s Rod and Gun Club, for a second head to head competition to assist both teams’ athletes with the Minnesota state clay target league state competition. 

Pelican heads to Clay Target League’s host site in Alexandria, with twelve athletes June 16. 

All teams involved shoot 100 total for with 50 clays in each of the two sessions.

Teams fielded three to five athletes per team at each of the three trap houses and the top six athletes’ scores constituted the team’s final score for the meet. Unlike the June 2 meet’s perfect weather conditions, the host team, Pelican, found a strong SE wind requiring coaches to lower the throwers for a correct throwing plane. 

The trap meet was friendly, yet very competitive among the athletes. Barnesville’s top 6 shooters scored 212 points for their team with two of their shooters scoring 39/50 and a third athlete with 38/50 clay targets. 

However, Pelican’s sharp shooters were not going to be denied as the top 6 shooters scored 239 points with the top 6 scores of 44/50 Logan Fahje, 43/50 Austin Fitzgerald, 42/50 Chase Restad, 38/50 Ian Fahje, 36/50 Mark LaPoint and Hayden Hart 36/50 clay targets busted. 

Other solid scoring came from the entire team with 35/50 from Ella Backstrom and Jed Carlson, Greta Tollefson 34/50, Jack Bergquist, Ethan Sjostrom and Kyle Krump 33/50, Carter Johnson and Hunter Williams 32/50, Marie Backstrom 29/50, Coper Kress 25/50, Kallie Nettestad 19/50 and Sam Moe 18/50.

The volunteer coaching staff of David Johnson, Patty Johnson, Jim Fitzgerald, Gary Kowalski, Pete Waller and Sheri Meester were exceptionally pleased with both strong trap shooting days from the athletes. 

Coaches Erick Johnson, Abby Fresonke, Brian and Shelia Johnson have also given a plethora of volunteer hours with the team this year, but due to prior commitments were unable to make the home meet.

Pelican shooting teamback at the range

Pelican Rapids Trap Team defeated Barnesville in their first match up last week

The top 5 scores were added up for each team and Pelican won 204 to 192.

Pelican’s Top 10 scorers

High score Levi Johnson scored 45/50 clays

Second, Carter Johnson 44/50 clays

Tied for 3rd Chase Restad, Austin Fitzgerald 39/50 clays

Hayden Hart 37/50 clays

Logan Fahje 36/50 clays

Greta Tollefson 34/50 clays

Carson McNeal 33/50

Kyle Krump 32/50

Ian Fahje 28/50 clays

Also shooting for Pelican was Kallie Nettestad, Jack Bergquist, Cooper Kress, Sam Moe and Philip Dykhoff.

The coaches were excited regarding how well the team shot in Barnesville that evening.