Volunteering is fun—and rewarding—way to contribute to community, especially at Pelican area seasonal events

By Brent Frazier, mayor City of Pelican Rapids 

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a volunteer is one who renders a service or takes part in a transaction while having no legal concern or interest. This all sounds somewhat complex, although it is a relatively simple task.

A volunteer thus engages in sharing one’s skills with another person, group of people or an organization of government, community and place of worship. 

These skills involved in volunteering thus possess different personal qualities such as; commitment, communication, compassion, leadership, good work ethic, teamwork and time management. You may not have them all, but you can be assured that you have one if not more. 

Volunteering is something we all have done at one time and continue to do on a day to day basis. Just think of your daily and weekly routines in which you are helping someone or a group of people.

Your volunteerism may be tasks such as; driving a relative or friend to a doctor’s appointment, helping your church chaperone children at a youth camp, recycling your aluminum cans, mowing your elderly neighbor’s yard, helping your civic group deliver ‘Meals on Wheels,’ picking up litter in a roadside ditch, serving on the local park board, helping a stranger across the street or helping teach another language to a community member. As you can see we have just uncovered the tip of the iceberg as the list goes on and on and on.

Over the years,, this country and the community of Pelican Rapids have grown to who we are today due to the talents, strengths and gifts of so many wonderful community members who were willing to share with others in an unselfish manner.

We may have said “I’ll help with that,” not knowing what we were getting yourself into and then we suddenly realize that we truly enjoyed this task when we were ‘traveling on those unchartered waters.’ While engaging in such action we have now learned something new or developed a new talent that we did not have before we said the above words. 

The action of volunteering gives us the feeling of a personal fulfillment that we helped make a positive influence to another person, group of people or to the world. 

We all have a sense of happiness when we help make someone else feel happy.

Throughout the year there are many volunteer opportunities for us in the community of Pelican Rapids as seen on our 2021 Community Events listing.

Yes, many opportunities await us her in the community of Pelican Rapids in the year of 2021. 

Please ‘step up to the plate to make the load lighter for the other workers’ by volunteering your time and talents. Please welcome the chance to help within our community by offering your much needed time and talents. If you have not been asked to share your time and talents, please reach out to me at 218.850.3770 as you will then be directed to the proper contact person.

Volunteering is an opening for you to share your talents, getting to know others and the occasion to make someone else feel happy. 

Upcoming Pelican area events—and volunteer opportunities

• June 18-19…..Glacial Minnesota Woman & Friendship Festival

• June 24-26…..Pelican Fest

• July 10…..Cars in the Park

• July 24…..Art in the Park

• August 7…..Fly-in, Drive-in & Garden Tour

• August 13-15…..Shada Shoot Out

• October 9…..Oktoberfest

• November 5-14…..Pink Rack Attack

• November 26-27…..Lighted Horse Parade & Hometown Christmas