Twin sisters Doris, left, and Dorothy Weik celebrated their 90th birthday in Rothsay.

Celebrating the birthday of a pair of twins presents unusual challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic era. 

An in person get-together was delayed for Doris and Dorothy (Weik) Jorgenson, who were born December 29, 1930. But finally, on April 17, the vaccinated twins celebrated person to person in Rothsay.

“They saw each other through the glass in December,” said daughter Sandy Jorgenson, who lives with Doris in the Rothsay family home. Dorothy lives in a Rothsay apartment. 

For their 90th birthday in December, Sandy organized a “card shower;” encouraging friends and relatives to mail greeting cards. 

Nearly 200 arrived back in December, which was a joy for the sisters. But—not exactly like sitting down for a face-to-face birthday party, said Sandy. 

The Weik sisters have an uncommon bond: They married brothers—Edward and Elroy Jorgenson, in a double ceremony June 4, 1949. Both brothers, who were Rothsay area farmers and also worked at the Rothsay cooperative, have passed away. 

“Because of COVID and other health issues, it took until spring before they could get together,” said Sandy. 

Finally, the sisters connected April 17 after their vaccinations. 

“Over the past year, they haven’t seen each other much at all,” said Sandy, even though they live withing a few blocks of one another in Rothsay.