Housing, recreation, downtown development among top themes in Pelican city long range plan

By Brent Frazier, mayor

City of Pelican Rapids 

As we previously learned several months ago, the future planning of a governmental unit, such as the City of Pelican Rapids, is composed through careful thought and consideration into a formal document entitled a “Comprehensive Plan.” 

This document provides for the vision, goals and guidance for future actions by the city. It determines the city’s future in regards to land use, building on the strengths of the city, and planned action for any amenities which are not present at the current time. 

Therefore, the Comprehensive Plan helps express and regulates public policies on transportation, utilities, land use, recreation and housing. At the competition, the Comprehensive Plan is presented to the city council for adoption and thus to become an official document of the city. 

The future planning for the City of Pelican Rapids continues to move forward, as recently the City ‘s Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee conducted their third organizational meeting. 

At the meeting of April 1, the Steering Committee spent the evening in the review of the community survey results. This community survey was launched as a part of the planned public engagement phase of the Compressive Plan. 

This survey was an open survey to the public. When asked to describe themselves, people described themselves as either residents of the city, people of the ‘greater Pelican Rapids area,’ people who work in Pelican , people who play in Pelican Rapids, people who vacation in the Pelican area and people who are Pelican Rapids business owners.

In review of the public survey results, many of these same topics had been brought forward and discussed by members of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee in the previous two meetings. Therefore the community survey results helped to reinforce the ideas of steering committee members and give reinsurance that the public and steering committee members were ‘on the same page.’

The Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee will continue to meet on a monthly basic and strive to complete all work and then present the “City of Pelican Rapids Comprehensive Plan” to the city council in November 2021. 

A sincere “Thank You” goes out to all who completed the community survey. Your ideas and visions will help to shape Pelican Rapids into a city and community that is moving forward to be proactive in the planning for a better future for our residents and visitors.  

Long range plan themes outlined 

Common themes emerged in response to the Pelican comprehensive plan survey, including:

• Expand and Grow Recreational Opportunities

• Seek Housing Options

• Explore Downtown Development Options

• Capitalize and Grow Tourism Industry

• Grow Walking and Biking Opportunities

• Build a Strong Economy

• Improve Public Relations