6th grader Emma Hanson raised $400.00 for the American Heart Association!
Pictured here, the top “Healthy Heart” fundraisers at Pelican Rapids Viking Elementary School.

The students in grades 3, 4 5 and 6 fundraised this year for the American Heart Association’s program called Healthy Hearts. 

Twenty-eight of the Pelican Rapids Viking Elementary students absolutely crushed the fundraising goal of $600 in eight school days. 

“These amazing students raised a towering $2,493.74,” said elementary teacher Sheri Meester.

Choosing leadership roles are the following students that took the initiative to raise money for the American Heart Association (AHA) and all the vital programs and research the AHA annually supports.

Grade 3

Ms. Coleman’s class: Dawsen Stoll, Aspen Satter

Ms. Cupkie’s class: Alayna Schlieman, Camila Franco, Giovanni Romero, Elli Schlieman, Ben Honrud and Ryan King

Ms. Mackner’s class: Miguel Mendoza Hernandez, Ryah Munick and Willa Munick

Grade 4

Ms. Isaman’s class: Dezmond Lehr, and Vinnie Rojas

Ms. Nelson’s class: Isela Campos, Alyssa Umlauf, Joshua Batson, McKennah Norton and Londyn Milbeck

Grade 5

Ms. Johnson’s class: Kamryn Kirkwood and Izabell Grvalin

Ms. Larson’s class: Taylar Sherman

Ms. Seter/Haugrud’s class: Iqra Mohamed, Julia Auwater, Victoria Garza and Ean Bakken

Grade 6

Ms. Gottenborg’s class: Edwin Escobar, Emma Hanson and Andon Roisum.

The top American Heart Association fundraisers for 2021 are:

• Emma Hanson

• Ean Bakken

• Dawsen Stoll

• Izabell Gravalin

• Ben Honrud

• Dezmond Lehr

• Taylar Sherman

• McKennah Norton

• Giovanni Romero

• Miguel Mendoza Hernandez

• Kamryn Kirkwood