The three area Girl Scouts who wrote notes to put on each box of cookies, for shipment to a U.S. Navy carrier: Reese Kaul, Terrah Kaul and Savannah Hayes.

There will be some happy, lip-smacking sailers when mail call comes, aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt—steaming somewhere out on the the Pacific. 

A total of 206 boxes of Girl Scout cookies were sent to  Aviation Boatswains Mate Noah Ballard, who will then distribute the cookies to his shipmates.  Ballard is a 2020 Pelican Rapids High School grauate, who enlisted in the Navy during his senior year.  He’s been on deployment since Dec. 23, to the Pacific Ocean. There are more than 5,000 sailors and pilots aboard the aircraft carrier. 

Contact person in Pelican Rapids was Tami Hanson, Girl Scout Troop 30314. Nine people donated financially from the Pelican area. 

In Detroit Lakes, the Girl Scout leaders  Heather Hayes and Genevieve Perry also rounded up donations for the cookie campaign. 

Ten people donated money through Heather, plus the youth group at Lakes Area Vineyard Church, where Noah attended church and was a youth leader. 

Noah’s parents, Kevin and Janna Ballard and three Girl Scouts wrote notes and attached to each box that was shipped.