Rudy Butenas was one of the volunteer fire-tenders, keeping the wood stoked at one of seven warm-up spots in the Pelican city parks on Feb. 20
Pelican Rapids Park Board member Amy King and Socorro Martinez.
Enjoying a warm fire on a beautiful winter’s eve are Pelican Rapids students Sarah Haugrud, Ariana Villagomez, Kaitlyn Stachowski
and Shira Grahn.
Enjoying the fire near Sherin Park during the Pelican Rapids Parks Department “Luminary Walk” are Taylar Sherman, Nazareth Tainguma, Bailey DeMent and Nicole DeMent.
Pelican’s distinctive bridges; at the familiar suspension bridge on the east side and the new pedestrian bridge at Veterans Memorial Park, were strung with holiday lights for the Luminary Walk.
Leading her entourage on the Pelican Rapids Parks ”Luminary Walk,” Dr. Bethany Baillargeon, Lakeland Smiles, and a Pelican Rotary Club member. Rotary members were among the dozens of volunteers who assisted at the event.

‘Luminary’ hike attracted nearly 200 for pleasant stroll through parks

With a 50 degree temperature difference, seven days apart, Feb. 20 proved to be an ideal night for a winter hike through the Pelican Rapids park system. 

A crowd estimated at nearly 200 strolled a candlelit trail for the Park Department’s first winter “Luminary Walk.”

Dozens of volunteers worked on the successful family event, which included seven fireplace locations and candle luminaries throughout the community.

Originally set for Feb. 13, the event was postponed a week because of the brutal cold snap. The previous weekend, temperatures neared 30 degrees below. But on Feb. 20, the temperatures approached 30 degrees above. 

Park board members Amy King and Kate Martinez said that the Luminary Walk will almost certainly become an annual event—if the temperature is somewhere above zero degrees.