Sheriff deputies reported, on Feb. 20, that fire destroyed a barn near Highway 43, southeast of Erhard.

Firefighters were called to the scene at 9:21 a.m.

The home owner had been in the barn earlier in the day and didn’t notice anything suspicious. Later she saw smoke coning from the back of the barn. Nothing had been plugged in earlier.

Assault reported

A woman was arrested northeast of Vergas shortly after midnight on Feb. 20 for assault in the fifth degree and disorderly conduct.

The woman was intoxicated when sheriff deputies arrived at the scene. The sheriff log also said the person arrested had been throwing things around the house but no weapons were found on the premises.

The person was brought to the county detention center and was expected to appear in county court on Monday, Feb. 22.

Burglary reported

A burglary was reported on Feb. 17 by a person who owns property near Highway 67 near New York Mills.

Sheriff deputies said entrance was made through the rear basement door. An investigation was continuing as of Thursday, Feb. 18. 

It is believed that thieves entered the house sometime in the two weeks prior to when the sheriff’s office was contacted on Feb. 17.