Now in third generation, a look back at Larry’s Super Market after opening in 1977

With the announcement of extensive improvements at Larry’s Super Market in Pelican Rapids, it is a good time to look back on the three generation grocery business. 

Above, the first advertisement—when Larry’s opened, published Oct. 6, 1977, in the Pelican Rapids Press. 

At right, a newspaper clipping from about the same time period—profiling Phil and Cyndy Stotesbery, manager-operators and part owners. 

A family business in the purest sense, Cyndy’s father, Larry Fix, was a grocery entrepreneur, with stores in Wadena and Battle Lake—and extended grocery experience prior. His start dates to the late 1940s, with Council Oaks grocery in Adrian, Minnesota—near Worthington. He purchased the store in Wadena in 1967, which launched the family enterprises in this region. 

As Cyndy re-tells it, her Dad offered an investment opportunity to his six kids and his sister. They invested 49 percent, and he retained 51 percent, to open the store in Pelican Rapids. By the early 1990s, Phil and Cyndy purchased the interest of the family members to become sole owners. 

Phil was originally from Graceville. He and Cyndy met in the teachers lounge at the Wadena schools, where they were both educators. Cyndy grew up in the grocery business, while Phil worked at a supermarket during College—and they both worked for Larry’s stores while teachers. They were married in 1973.

With the business now sold to Mark and Brittany (Stotesbery) Dokken, the family business continues to yet another generation.