Remembering…an honest cut for a fair price…

Pelican barber’s flagrant gouging is simmering local scandal

Do you remember when? … 

… A shave and a haircut was two bits? 

Those days are gone—at Weishair Barber Shop in Pelican Rapids. 

Veteran hair-cutter Weishair introduced “zoned pricing” early in the COVID-19 pandemic. And like commodities and the stock market, there are frequently wild fluctuations. 

“The pricing changes daily,” laughed Weishair, who has been conducting a running gag at his shop. 

Most clients pay $20 for a haircut. 

But if you wind up on Weishair’s preferred pricing list, the fee can range all the way up to $1,500—which is what local Wayne Bakken is required to pay. 

Pelican Rapids School Superintendent Brian Korf is now fixed at $1,000 per cut. Insurance man Jeff Morgan gets off cheaper, at $75.  But Gary Hovland shells out $150; Jeff Cossette at $50. The local butcher Jason Stetz is now at $100. 

The Pelican Rapids Press has been investigating these wild price fluctuations. 

But to date, the Minnesota Board of Barber Examiners has not initiated any disciplinary actions against Weishair.

Weishair’s number one customer, Jim, pays only five bucks. 

We don’t know who Jim is. And Weishair is not disclosing his last name. 

 But the recommendation to customers who want a decent haircut at a fair price? 

Be like Jim. 

––Louis Hoglund, managing editor