A $25,000 pledge from Jennie-O and its West Central Turkeys plant in Pelican Rapids was announced last week. 

The announcement came from Jennie-O corporate offices. The sum will be donated over two years, with the initial $12,500 this month, and another $12,500 in February 2022. 

Thanks to a generous donor from the west coast, who challenged donors with matching funds of up to $500,000, the Jennie-O donation will equal $50,000. 

“Thank you for the opportunity to partner with the pool committee…as you work towards bringing a state-of-the-art aquatic center to the community,” stated the announcement from Jennie-O. “This project will be an asset to the community…providing family-friendly recreation for all.”

The Jennie-O/West Central Turkeys plant in Pelican Rapids employs more than 600, with the majority living in or near Pelican.