Nordick Family: Kloie (4th grade),
Jorden (2nd grade), Tyson (Kg)
Hoadley Family: Aubry (5th grade)
and Piper (1st grade)
Tollerud Family: Graham (3rd grade) and Margot (Kg)
Jarrett Jenson (1st grade), left.

Kids, families weren’t dressed for the conditions in their show of support for Pelican swimming pool campaign

 Keep this on the “down low” from the grandmas and grandpas. 

 A bunch of kids from the Pelican Rapids area were running around outside; in December; in the snow—ignoring everything they were ever taught about bundling up for the weather and common sense.

Dozens of kids put on their swim suits, and ventered out into the snow as the New Year approached. 

If the grandparents catch wind of this irresponsible spree; mom and dad have an easy scapegoat. 

All they need to do is point their fingers at Wayne Woolever. 

It was all his fault. 

Woolever, a retired educator who—if you can imagine this­–was a teacher and role model for hundreds of kids during his career with the Pelican Rapids schools. And now, here he is—encouraging kids to run around the tundra— half-naked.

Parents should quickly add, in their defense:

 “It was for a good cause.”

Woolever offered to match $50 for any family willing to orchestrate a crazy photo in support of the campaign for a new pool and aquatic center. 

A late-year push for donations to the project was successful in pushing the drive to more than $2 million. 

The crazy winter swimming photos helped raise the awareness, and pardon the pun, but added a bit of “icing” on the cake.