Ellie Welch, number 16, at the net for the Lady Vikings.
Pelican’s Sylvia Pesch, left.

The Pelican Rapids Vikings traveled to Battle Lake November 16 to play our first non-conference game and get our first win of the season. 

Due to the quick restart of the season this year, our schedule has looked quite different playing entirely a conference schedule thus far. 

“We were excited tonight to play a new team in a new conference,” noted Coach Heidi Isaman. 

 The Vikings started with a last minute change to our line up as right side hitter Ella Backstrom was absent. 8th grader Anna Roisum did a great job not only making her varsity debut but starting and playing all four sets in a new position for her. 

“I was very pleased with how Anna stepped into a new role to help us out on the right side. She got more and more aggressive as the night went on and had two kills on the night,” said Coach Isaman. 

8th grade Hazel Haugrud also made her varsity debut and also did a great job playing a left back defensive players for us.  Hazel did a great job serving and reading the Battlers off paced roll shots that were giving us a bit of trouble.

With last minute changes the Vikings were definitely out of sorts set one and could not really get a good rhythm going. We had some miscommunication issues and really struggled defending their off paced tip and roll offense. 

The Vikings lost set one 23-25. 

Set 2 Pelican knew they needed to start playing way better defense and get our own offense going. 

Senior middle hitter Anna Stephenson hit the ball very well tonight and setter Sophia Paulson did a great Job finding and feeding her the ball. The Lady Vikings still were having some communication and defense issues but the girls pulled it together to get the win in set two with a tight score of 28-26. 

Set three Pelican started to get a little more of a rhythm going. 

Tori Stephenson started to get in the offense more and Hazel Haugrud helped read the roll shots well in the back row to get us in system more. Defensive specialists Allie Haiby and Kiera Booth showed great effort to get a touch on every ball this set and the groups started to follow defensively. 

The Vikings won set three 22-25. 

Set four we felt we were finally getting into a better flow and were ready to finish the game with a win. Sophomore Kelsey Isaman came out strong getting a big kill on the outside and since Hazel Haugrud had used up all her sets for the night Isaman did a good job filling back in the back row. Setting Sophia Paulson balanced her offense much better and started to take control of the court with much more confidence and Freshman middle hitter Ellie Welch got a little more aggressive with a big block and kill back to back. 

The Vikings were very excited to get the win with a 25-15 score of set four. 

The Vikings will host DGF on Thursday and travel to Hawley for a make up game on Friday.

Stat leaders vs. Battle Lake 


Sophia Paulson-2

Kelsey Isaman, Allie Haiby, Anna Stephenson, and Sylvia Pesch-1


Anna Stephenson-14

Tori Stephenson-7

Kelsey Isaman-3

Anna Roisum and Ellie Welch-2


Allie Haiby-14

Anna Stephenson-12

Sophia Paulson-7

Kelsey Isaman and Hazel Haugrud-6

Kiera Booth and Sylvia Pesch-5

Tori Stephenson-3

Anna Roisum-2


Sophia Paulson-22

Keira Booth-2

Anna Roisum and Ellie Welch-1

Block Kills

Anna Stephenson-3.0