Pictured here at the Lida Township Hall are town board members, from left, Gary Hovland, Dan Schell and Mike McNabb. They are displaying the new message and bulletin board, which will inform Lida residents—in honor of the late Al and Becky Schierman, long time Lida residents.
Al, pictured here, died in August. Becky died within the past year.

A new feature at the Lida Township Hall will both help keep residents informed—and honor a former town board member.

A custom-built message and notice board is now installed in front of the town hall, and was one of the first things voters saw as a record number of them poured in to vote November 3. 

The handcrafted structure is dedicated to the late Al Schierman and his wife Becky. Schierman was a Pelican Rapids High School graduate, who was active in his retirement years—including about 11 years on the Lida Township Board. 

After his death, a number of memorial dollars came in to honor both him and Becky. Part of the proceeds came to the Lida area, and the town board decided to allocate the money to the notice board. 

Responsible for the handiwork were two Lida area residents, Dan Schell and Lyle Bring. In fact, it is Schell who replaced Schierman on the town board—elected in March 2020. Schierman stepped down at the end of his term. 

“We are so happy that you had a need for a bulletin board at the township building that Al and Becky were such a part of,” wrote friends of the Schiermans, in a letter to the township. “They physically left a lasting mark on the community, and here is a permanent way to honor that.”