The photo is deceiving, taken during a quiet moment at the Dunn Township precinct, as traffic slowed in the evening, Nov. 3. From 7 a.m., when a couple dozen voters were waiting at the town hall doors, to 6 p.m.—the voting traffic was steady, said Doug Winter, Dunn town clerk.
The precinct looks slow here, with election workers spaced around the room, but the township precinct, situated in the heart of the Pelican-Lizzie lakes area, experienced record turnout.
Front, Nathan Eppler. In the back left is Mike Johnson, Sharon Toussaint and back right is Diane Tix.

With 656 votes cast (by unofficial count), turnout in Dunn Township was about 100 more than in 2016—reflecting turnouts throughout the area 

“It was steady all day,” said Dunn Clerk Doug Winter. It wasn’t until about 7:10 p.m. that Dunn precinct workers began folding up a couple of the voting booths, as traffic thinned near the 8 p.m. poll closing. 

It was no doubt a record in voter turnout for Dunn. 

A total of 405 ballots were cast on site, and 251 Dunn residents voted absentee. 

President Trump’s margin over Joe Biden was narrower than most area precincts, with Trump winning 366-284 in Dunn. 

Dunn voters stayed loyal to Collin Peterson, at 322-305 over Michelle Fischbach.

Dunn is one of the few area townships that converted to township officer voting during the general election, as opposed to the March annual meeting.

There was no opposition for the three seats on the Dunn board.

Incumbents Bob Dalman, David Johnson, and Susan Pepelnjak (treasurer) each received 543 to 546 votes. This suggests that of the approximate 650 ballots cast, several dozen did not bother marking the ballot for the unopposed town board seats. Four people wrote in names for town board, though the county auditor’s office didn’t list the names. 

Dead Lake 

Trump: 254

Biden:  109

Dora Township 

Trump: 308

Clinton: 235

Dunn Township

Trump: 366

Biden: 287

Elizabeth city 

Trump: 57

Biden: : 33

Elizabeth Township 

Trump: 368

Biden: 188

Erhard City 

Trump: 53

Biden: 21

Erhards Grove 

Trump: 192

Biden: 90

Lida Township 

Trump: 311

Biden: 251

Maplewood Township 


Biden: 58

Norwegian Grove 

Trump: 141

Biden: 80

Oscar Township 

Trump: 74

Biden: 47

Pelican Township 

Trump: 255

Biden: 156

Pelican city 

Trump: 437

Biden: 459 

Rothsay city

Trump: 58

Biden: 38

Scambler Township 

Trump: 208

Biden: 162

Star Lake Township

Trump: 205

Biden: 97

Trondhjem Township

Trump: 77

Biden: 32

Vergas city

Trump: 160

Biden:  85

Dent city 

Trump: 71

Biden: 26