Though defeated in championship game, historic Pelican boys will have plenty to smile about in the future

Moments after losing to St. Cloud Tech in the Section championship soccer game, the Pelican Rapids boys weren’t much in the mood for smiling.

But, the fact is: The 2020 Viking boys were the first ever Pelican soccer team to
compete for a Section championship. It was a soccer version of the movie “Hoosiers,” with little Pelican Rapids against a string of “giant” schools, each with nearly six times the high school enrollment of Pelican –from
Alexandria to Bemidji to St. Cloud.

Through the season, “We’re from Pelican Rapids” evolved into a motivational team slogan for the Viking boys.

Despite the 3-0 outcome of the Oct. 24 championship game, these guys will have plenty to smile about in the future.

Kneeling (left to right):
Abdul Ahmed, Hamsa Ishowa, Abraham Franco, Danny Diaz, Subeer Farah,
Oscar Pedroza, Mohamed Ahmed, Jesus Moreno, Sebastian Centeno, Abdi Isse,
Standing (left to right):
Jaime Zavala Franco, Macho Said, Khadar Aden, Zaki Isse, Joshua Urbano,
Sebastian Rosiles, Cris Abarca, Abraham Gonzalez, Khadar Ibrahim, Daniel Urbano,
Suhayb Farah
Action on the snow-banked field on Oct. 24. Due to the autumn snow, the last two games were held on the artificial—and neutral—turf of Alexandria High School.

Visible Pelican players with their eyes on the ball, number 2 Jaime Zavala
Franco, number 9 Khadar Ibrahim and, foreground, Joshua Urbano.

It was announced last week that Khadar Ibrahim is the first Pelican soccer
player to be named to the Minnesota All State roster.