Pictured at the Larry’s Super Market kitchens and deli counter, the site of the
Brody Seter benefit, are Mark Dokken, Amanda Tweeton (aunt of Pelican student
Brody), and Brittany Dokken.
Selling customized
mugs and beverage
containers, with proceeds
donated to the Brody
Seter benefit at Larry’s
Oct. 22 was Lana
Grefsrud, of Hillbilly

Curbside, take-out feed for Seter family was an unprecedented success

It’s hard to imagine, but the equivalent
of about half of the population of Pelican
Rapids proper was fed in less than eight

A total of more than 1,200. In a municipality
of about 2,500, within city limits.

No–not a Lutheran church lutefisk feed.
Not a Rotary Club turkey barbeque.
Not the Grove Lake buffalo feed; the
Trinity Lutheran turkey dinner; or the
St.Leonard’s roast beef feed.

Spaghetti was on the menu—in a town
with hardly an Italian in the neighborhood.
Larry’s Super Market dished up the
hundreds of to-go meals, from about 11 a.m. to 6:15—when the crew basically ran out of about everything.

The almost unprecedented turnout for the pasta feed was in support of Pelican student Brody Seter, who is at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, diagnosed with aplastic
anemia, a form of bone marrow failure.
Community support for Brody was measured in to-go containers—as Larry’s owner Mark Dokken estimated
about 1,263 were served in the curb-side and pick-up feed.

The Seter family—as well as the Larry’s Super Market crew–were astounded by the turnout.

“We planned for about 750 to 800,” said Dokken, who coordinated the fundraiser from Larry’s Super Market kitchen and deli. A diligent planner, Dokken even stocked
the frozen pasta in bulk—as opposed to the hard, packaged dry noodles—because of faster cooking.

“We realized were going to run out in the afternoon,” said Dokken. “We went to the shelves and pulled the packaged noodles and sauce to prepare for the after
school and after work rush.”

The Larry’s crew was well organized, with some of the packaging already underway on Monday, Oct. 19, prior to the Oct. 22 spaghetti feed.

Internally, the store adjusted staff to the equivalent of summer “lake season,” said Dokken. In addition, three volunteers joined the regular Larry’s staff, Brenda Olson
(Thea’s Pumpkin Patch), Jessica Schulstad (Brown Eyed Susans), and Diane Hanson (Bell Bank).

“We had many others that stepped forward to volunteer, but with COVID we were very cautious in limiting exposure,” said Dokken.

Even though the store ran out of stock, there were a number of people who donated to the Brody Seter family
regardless of the food.

Brody Seter’s rare condition has even been perplexing for the Mayo clinic physicians and medical staff. He has received a bone marrow transplant, but Brody’s body
continues to adjust to the transplant.

Bell Bank has set up a special account for Brody Seter Donations. Checks can be made out to Brody Seter Benefit.