Boring as it may sound, on the surface, a Pelican Rapids task force is about to embark on an important process.

The “comprehensive plan,” which sets the community’s course for the future, will be updated over the coming year.

The process is hardly routine and boring, as discussion could lead to exciting and creative long-range plans for the community.

Commercial and residential land use, as well as park and recreational components, are just a few of the aspects addressed in the long-range plan.

Membership on the committee was confirmed recently by the city council. Each of the members brings special expertise to the panel.

At the Oct. 13 council meeting, it was noted that Don DelGreco, Maplewood State Park manager, has agreed to serve—bringing important park-recreation, and even lodging-camping expertise. 

Also teaming up is Joe Clauson, one of Pelican’s new businessmen—as owner of Pelican Motel.

Here is a complete roster of the Comprehensive Plan committee:
Alcadia Mejia Bravo
Anne Peterson
Arianna Zavala
Brent Frazier
Don DelGreco
Joe Clauson
John Gorton
John Waller III
Kate Martinez
Kevin Ballard
Robert Gray
Wendy Hoadley

The city has contracted with the firm Sourcewell to assist with the update of the Comprehensive Plan. The process will include several public input “town” meetings. 

Sourcewell’s proposal, at $15,750, was approved by the city council