Pelican Rapids park board members are pictured with announcements of a playground and bike repair station grant. People present, from left, Amy King, Judy Engebretson, Kate Martinez, Van Holmgren.
Park Board members not present: Miriam Sanchez, Amber Lindberg, Rudy Butenas.
Pictured here, an image of the playground equipment that the Pelican city park board will receive, through a grant that was recently announced.

Two park and recreation-related grants were announced at the Sept. 29 Pelican Rapids City Council meeting. 

Park board members Amy King and Kate Martinez announced that a grant of $22,471 will cover nearly half the cost of a new playground feature. 

The slide and climbing structure is valued at nearly $50,000. 

Included in the array are four slides, as well as ladders and an elaborate frame with a capacity of more than 40 children. 

The city and park department will match the grant to acquire the equipment, which will be installed at the E.L. Peterson Park playground area, near the large picnic shelter. 

A second grant will provide a bicycle maintenance station for the new Pelican Rapids Trailhead. 

Valued at $1,847, the bike maintenance station includes tire pump and various tools. The grant was from the multi-county Partnership4Health. 

In other park board related news, several trees were donated by Andrew Johnson. Initially, the park board considered planting them in the Veterans Memorial Park, but there is limited remaining space.  It was decided to plant the trees in the new designated green space, along the river near the snowmobile bridge, where the city recently acquired a strip of riverside land. 

The park board is also planning to locate a park bench in E.L. Peterson Park. The bench was donated by Mark Pergande, in memory of his mother, Gladys Davis.