The “Local Foods, Local Places” program was outlined last week at the Pelican Rapids City Council meeting by Emily Reno, pictured here at the podium in the city hall meeting chambers Sept. 29.

 The Local Foods, Local Places Virtual Workshop for Pelican Rapids, Minnesota taking place October 7-8. 

This is a series of seven, interconnected, virtual video conference sessions spaced over a two-day period. The process is designed for interactivity. It will create a community action plan built by you, the participants. 

 Pelican Rapids is one of 16 communities in the nation selected by the US Government for this program.

Community members and leaders are encouraged to attend the online workshops on October 7 & 8. Attend some or all of the sessions.

We need community input and support in order for the government resources and consultants to feel comfortable with putting their time and money (potential grants) into our community.

Possible areas this program could assist: current farmers market, Food Shelf, community garden, local foods coming into restaurants/markets, diverse foods introduced into the community through the community garden/restaurants, new growing trends, school education/gardening, new restaurant/entrepreneur. 

The “Local Foods, Local Places” Local Steering Committee includes these members.

• Jill Amundson, Associate Planner, West Central Initiative

• Janet Lindberg, Community Food Shelf, Community Garden, One Veg One Community Initiative

• Maggie Driscoll, Pelican Rapids Organizing Acts of Kindness for Seniors (OAKS)

• Brent Frazier, Mayor, City of Pelican Rapids

• Annie Wrigg, Pelican Rapids Public Library

• Jackie Larson, University of MN Extension – SNAP Education

• Jason Bergstrand, Partnership 4 Health

• Mark Dokken, Larry’s Supermarket

• Ryan Pesch, Lida Farms, University of MN Extension – Economic Development

• Emily Reno, University of MN

• Ariel Kagan, MDA Strategy & Innovation

• Anna Wasesha, West Central Initiative

For full details and to register:
For more information, contact:
Jill Amundson Associate Planner West Central Initiative
Phone: (218) 998-1614 Email: