Pelican Rapids junior high girls running across the horizon Sept. 3.
top finishing varsity girs runners Morgan Korf, left, and Sylvia Pesch.
Charlie Larson was top finisher for the Pelican varsity boys.
Luke Sjolie was a top finisher for the Pelican junior varsity.
The boys at the start of the Sept. 3 meet in Pelican Rapids

The Chauncey Martin Field had a different look September 3 when the complex was being used as a cross country course. 

The Pelican harriers frequently practice on the grounds, but this is the first time a cross country race had been scheduled at the facilities.

 In order for the runners to run the required 3200 meters at the junior high level and 5000 meters at the varsity/junior varsity level, they had to make several figure eights around the complex which included the baseball field, elementary school playground, softball diamonds and eventually finishing the race on the track.

The races were very competitive as the top ranked boys team of West Central Area had been invited. Pelican’s top varsity runner, Charlie Larson, charged to the front and ran with the West Central runners for most of the race. He finished in 6th place with a season best time of 19 minutes and 5 seconds. The remaining Pelican runners formed a tight pack as Treyvon Benson (12th), Willem Pesch (13th), Sam Moe (14th), Brody Syverson (15th), Timmy Guler (16th) and Julian Diaz (17th) combined for a team score of 60 points giving them a second place finish.

 The varsity girls also faced the tough competition of West Central. Leading the way for Pelican Rapids was Sylvia Pesch (7th) who battled her teammate, Morgan Korf (8th) as they both crossed the finish line in 24 minutes and 22 seconds. Lily Williams and Kirra Johnson paced each other to a 12th and 13th place finish, respectively. Greta Tollefson (16th) was the final point scorer for the team. Rachael Guler (17th), Lizzy Moe (18th) and Janae LaFerriere (19th) also competed. The girls finished second as a team.

The junior varsity boys continued their strong racing performance as the team finished with a perfect score of 15 points. Luke Sjolie led the way with his 5th place finish in a time of 22 minutes and 27 seconds. Connor Larson (7th), Ethan Sjostrom (9th), Esteban Garza (10th) and Ethan Walters (11th) were the other members of the scoring team.

The junior high girls were led by Sadie Funk as she finished in 6th place with a time of 16 minutes and 4 seconds. Dylan Hoadley (9th) ran the 3200 meter course in 16 minutes and 27 seconds. Ellie Welch finished 12th overall. The junior high girls did not have a complete team score.

In the junior high boys race, Jack Welch finished in 7th place with a time of 14 minutes and 56 seconds. Easton Munick (10th) and Karston Henkes (13th) also ran well. No team score was available as they did not have the required number of 5 runners to compete as a team.

Girls Team and Individual Results

Girls Varsity Team Results Girls Junior High Team Results  

West Central Area 15 West Central Area 15

Pelican Rapids 48 Pelican Rapids inc.

Bertha-Hewitt inc. Bertha-Hewitt inc.

Individual Results: Girls Varsity – 20 runners

Name Place Mile 1 Mile 2 Time

Sylvia Pesch 7 7:30 8:03 24:22

Morgan Korf 8 7:30 8:03 24:22

Lily Williams 12 7:30 8:20 25:25

Kirra Johnson 13 7:30 8:30 25:36

Greta Tollefson 16 8:15 8:57 26:45

Rachael Guler 17 8:15 8:57 27:08

Lizzy Moe 18 8:15 8:57 27:15

Janae LaFerriere 19 8:25 10:20 30:23

Individual Results: Girls Junior High – 13 runners (3200 Meters)

Name Place Mile 1 Time

Sadie Funk 6 8:33 16:04

Dylan Hoadley 9 8:35 16:27

Ellie Welch 12 9:15 19:17

Boys Team and Individual Results

Boys Varsity Results Boys Junior High 

West Central Area 15 West Central Area 23

Pelican Rapids 60 Bertha-Hewitt 32

Bertha-Hewitt 66 Pelican Rapids inc.

Boys Junior Varsity Team Results 

Pelican Rapids 15

West Central Area inc.

Bertha-Hewitt inc.

Individual Results: Boys Varsity – 21 runners

Name Place Mile 1 Mile 2 Time

Charlie Larson 6 6:00 6:12 19:05

Treyvon Benson 12 6:12 7:09 21:24

Willem Pesch 13 6:20 7:05 21:31

Sam Moe 14 6:20 7:20 21:37

Brody Syverson 15 6:30 7:14 21:42

Timmy Guler 16 6:20 7:20 21:51

Julian Diaz 17 6:20 7:24 22:03

Individual Results: Boys Junior Varsity – 11 runners

Name Place Mile 1 Mile 2 Time

Luke Sjolie 5 7:00 7:24 22:27

Connor  Larson 7 7:02 7:42 23:08

Ethan Sjostrom 9 7:06 7:53 23:53

Esteban Garza 10 7:06 8:09 24:28

Ethan Walters 11 7:06 8:09 24:32

Individual Results: Boys Junior High – 13 runners (3200 Meters)

Name Place Mile 1 Time

Jack Welch 7 7:23 14:56

Easton Munick 10 8:04 15:42

Karston Henkes 13 10:55 22:25