Trump supporters took to the waters
on Big Cormorant Lake Sept. 5.
Boarding an All Trump decorated pontoon on the east end of
Big Cormorant, Marsha Krumm, Sheri Seifert, Brian Seifert, Al Bergquist and John Krumm. The Trump boat parade was organized on Big Cormorant Sept. 5.
This garage, at the intersection of
County 6 and County 11 in Becker County,
features visual
evidence of the
property owner’s

It was anchors aweigh, as pro-Trumpers decorate boats, pontoons for Big Cormorant Lake convoy

In the Land of 10,000 Lakes, making a political statement in an election year is as easy as strapping on some flags, and circling the shoreline.

Trump banners and flags flew across the waters of Big Cormorant on Sept. 5. 

Political-themed boat parades, most notably flotillas organized by pr0-President Trump factions, have been a somewhat new phenomena. A flurry of Trump parades on the water have been organized across the nation, with several over the Labor Day weekend alone. 

A lineup of boats and pontoons plied the waters of Big Cormorant–from the docks near Hooligan’s restaurant to Pike’s Bay. An official count of the number of participating vessels wasn’t readily available—but at least 30, based on early reports. 

A Sunday parade on the Potomac, near the nation’s capital, was billed as the “Trumptilla Boat Parade and Rally.” A marine caravan of pro-trump craft earlier this summer patrolled Pelican Lake, north of Pelican Rapids. 

“I’ve supported Trump ever since he came down the escalator,” said one Cormorant parade passenger. 

“Not a lot of support for Biden out here, that I’ve seen,” said Brian Petermann, Hawley and Big Cormorant; who joined the flotilla. “They’re probably hanging their heads.” 

Joe Biden supporters may be laying low. 

Or—maybe–there just aren’t that many Biden-types up around these parts. A spot check along the shores of another Becker County lake produced only one Biden flag—but several Trump flags. 

That west central Minnesota is “Trump Country” is no particular surprise, since he handily won both Becker and Otter Tail Counties back in the 2016 election. 

One bystander privately said “I’m not really a big Trump person…but I’m just going with the flow, since my family is here at the lake…I tend to keep my political views to myself,” she laughed. Cordially, she declined to be identified. The Press will honor her request, other than to note she was the matriarch of an extended family of pro-Trumpers—in the Pike’s Bay neighborhood. 

When asked where the Biden “counter-demonstration” was, Rob Brooks, Fargo, said with a laugh: “Well, they’re probably on those bumper boats at the amusement park going round and round and round in a circle…They’ve been trying to figure out how to get off for the past two hours.” 

Fortunately, the weather was fine for the Cormorant Trump boat parade—no on-the-water accidents amid the armada. 

It was a different, turbulent situation down in Texas, where Trump watercraft were water-logged and rescued from the choppy waters of Lake Travis, near Austin. At least four vessels sank during the big Trump boat parade in Texas. 

With 60 foot yachts and eight foot row boats all heading in the same direction through churning waters and whitecaps, mishaps were destined to happen. No injuries; except perhaps to aquatic species forced to duck and dodge Trump posters, flags and confetti. 

 One online humorist referred to the Texas Trump procession fiasco as “Dumb-kirk.” This was a reference to the World War II rescue of Allied troops, by hundreds of boats of all descriptions, at the beaches of “Dunkirk” in northern Europe.