Skyler Koch
Amiah Koch

A Pelican Rapids family has adopted a healthy outdoor hobby with plenty of “social distancing” during the COVID 19 panndemic. Cat fishing on the Red River of the North has been not only an interesting diversion—but also productive for these “river rats.” 

Skyler Koch with a 20 pound catfish pulled out of the Red in August. 

Amiah Koch with an 8 pounder. 

For lakes area folks more accustomed to pullling in sunfish and crappies from area waters, cat fishing is less common. But father Bryon Koch is an Oklahoma native—where fishing “cats” is the fish of choice for anglers. The family lives in rural Pelican Rapids, where they also fish local waters. But fishing for cats on the Red is barely a half hour drive away. 

The Red River, bordering Minnesota and North Dakota, has become increasingly well known for its cat fishing. In fact, there are a number of guide services now operating along the Red.