July 14, 2020

The City Council of Pelican Rapids met in regular session at 4:30 p.m., on Tuesday, July 14, 2020in Council Chambers, City Hall.

Mayor Frazier called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.

Clerk-Treasurer Danielle Harthun took roll call. 

Mayor Brent E. Frazier and four members of the Council were present at roll call: Council Member Steve Strand; Council Member Curt Markgraf; Council Member Kevin Ballard; Council Member Steve Foster.

Other city staff present: Administrator Don Solga, Clerk-Treasurer Danielle Harthun, Street and Park Superintendent Brian Olson and Police Chief Jeff Stadum. 

General Attendance: Lou Hoglund from the Pelican Press was also present.

The Mayor welcomed everyone to the Council Meeting and announced upcoming events in the community. 

All present stood and said the Pledge of Allegiance. 

The mayor encouraged everyone to fill out the census form they received in the mail. 

Motion by Ballard, seconded by Markgraf to approve No. 16 City Hall Air Quality, No. 17 City Hall Personnel and No.18 Establish 2021 Budget Committee. Motion passed unanimously. 

Motion by Strand, seconded by Ballard to approve the consent agenda.

a)  Approval of Minutes – Council Meeting 6/30/2020

b) Approval of Accounts Payable Listing

c) Staff Reports

d) Financial Report

Motion passed unanimously.

Council reviewed the Comprehensive Plan Proposal from Sourcewell. The Planning Commission has reviewed the proposal and is recommending Council approve it. The contract would not exceed $15,750. Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to accept the Planning Commission recommendation to approve the Comprehensive Plan Proposal for $15,750 from Sourcewell. Motion passed unanimously. 

Superintendent Brian Olson provided Council with a Street and Park Report. The street department has been cleaning up branches after the last few storms. The ultra-light fly-in was a success. Someone is interested in purchasing the used City Hall mini-split. Olson will find out how much it is worth. Parks and pool have been busy. Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to approve the street and parks report. Motion passed unanimously.

Superintendent Olson asked Council to hire Jay Gorton at $11.24 an hour as an experienced lifeguard. Motion by Foster, seconded by Strand to hire Jay Gorton as a lifeguard. Motion passed unanimously. 

Council Member Strand had concerns about stagnate air in City Hall. Superintendent Olson assured Strand that the HVAC system is working correctly. 

The library report was provided by Council Members Markgraf and Ballard. The library will continue to do curbside because the patrons really like it. Roof work still continues on the library. The furnaces were ordered. Motion by Strand, seconded by Markgraf to approve the library report. Motion passed unanimously.

Chief Stadum provided Council with a Police Report. The Mayor, Administrator and Police Chief held job interviews. The position was offered to someone but they withdrew their name. The applications will be reviewed again. Motion by Foster, seconded by Markgraf to accept the police report. Motion passed unanimously. 

Council considered Project No.89 – Colony Apartment Utilities Pay Request No. 2 for $332,588.26. Motion by Ballard, seconded by Strand to approve Pay Request No. 2 for Hough, Inc. of DL. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by Strand to rescind Resolution 2020-11 Confirming Proclamation and Declaration of Emergency. The declaration allows the Council and all advisory committees to hold meetings via telephone or other electronic means. Council agreed that some committee members do not feel comfortable meeting in person. Strand withdrew his motion. 

Clerk-Treasurer Danielle Harthun asked Council to appoint Andrew Bradrick and James Hoffe as election judges for the state primary and the general election. Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to approve the election judges. Motion passed unanimously. 

Council discussed rescheduling the 8/11/2020 meeting due to the State Primary Election. Council discussed just canceling the meeting and only holding one meeting in August. Motion by Strand, seconded by Foster to cancel the 8/11/2020 City Council Meeting. Motion passed unanimously. 

Filing for City Offices opens 7/28/2020 and closes 8/11/2020.

Clerk Treasurer Harthun reported the Utility Billing Clerk has resigned from her position. The job will be posted in all the normal spots including website and the local paper. Motion by Foster, seconded by Ballard to approve advertising for the Utility Billing Clerk position. Motion passed unanimously.

Administrator Solga asked two members to sit on the Budget Committee. Mayor Frazier and Council Member Foster agreed to be on the Budget Committee. Motion by Markgraf, seconded by Strand to accept Frazier and Foster as the Budget Committee

Administrator Solga reported that since the last city council meeting he has; held a department head meeting; worked with Clerk to set City Council (CC) agenda and prep for regular CC meeting; met with resident regarding potential lot split; attended remote meeting with LMC regarding CARES Act funding; attended Project 90 (Colony Apartment) construction meeting; worked on potential economic development projects; spent time with Arvig at HCH troubleshooting wifi; prepped for and conducted police interviews; sent draft letter to MMB regarding the library jurisdictional determination; started configuring the Pelican Rapids Rave Alert/Smart911 system; and started 2021 budgeting process.

Mayor Frazier reported that since the last city council meeting he has; continued to have communication with Jenny-O regarding their current operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, continue to submit weekly mayor’s columns to the Pelican Press, attended a CSAH 96 & 100 construction meeting, made several visits to the CSAH 100 street project, visited the Pelican Rapids Swimming Pool, attended a 2024 Complete Streets Project Bridge Inspection Meeting, met with Administrator Solga to review the agenda for this City Council Meeting, met with Vicki Clayton who is the West-Central MN Partnership Specialist for the Chicago Regional Census Center, visited by phone with Rep. Bud Nornes regarding the 2020 MN Legislative Bonding Bill and left voicemail with OTC Emergency Management regarding the tornado sirens in Pelican Rapids. 

Ringdahl Ambulance update was removed from the agenda, as Tollef Ringdahl did not attend the meeting 

Motion by Strand, seconded by Markgraf to adjourn the City Council meeting at 5:44 p.m. Motion passed unanimously.

Danielle Harthun, MCMC