The barbershops and hair salons have been back in business. It was a boom in the first weeks that the state reopened the doors of shops, said Kim Weishair, of the Pelican Rapids shop. But with many folks still reluctant to get out and about much, traffic at Weishair’s Barber Shop has experienced swings of full appointments—down to just a few a day. On the slow days, Weishair has some time to ponder matters like pricing. Weishair’s new pricing schedule is something of an inside joke, but his regular customers will likely get a chuckle. 

For the average Joe, a cut is 20 bucks. If you happen to be Wayne Bakken, retired West Central Turkeys supervisor, the price is $50. Weishair also set the price at $50 for interim Pelican school administrator, and high school principal Brian Korf. Now, if you’re Steve John, you would pay a stuff price: $100. 

Customers can only hope they don’t end up on Weishair’s “preferred pricing” list.