A truck crashed through the wall, on the northeast side of Lakeland General Store last weekend. Owner Bob Schempp’s temporary plywood repair included some humor, as he painted “Not a drive-through.”

Nobody injured…and no minnow fatalities

For the second time in a month, Lakeland General Store in Dunvilla was damaged by a vehicle. 

But owner Bob Schempp takes it in stride. 

“In the grand scheme of life, this is not that big a deal,” said Schempp, after a pick-up truck rammed into the fishing bait and tackle section, on the northeast corner of the building. 

For one thing—the minnows survived. 

“We had a guy stop in to look at repair work on the inside of the building. He said his wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer…now that’s perspective,” said Schempp. “A little property damage is nothing compared to that.” 

All in all, the damages could hit $20,000, said Schempp. 

Almost exactly a month ago, a motorist rammed into one island of fuel pumps—which was a more serious accident, as the driver was injured and transported to Fargo. 

Apparently, the truck was left in gear when the driver got out of the truck last weekend. His grandson, seated in the middle, tried to do the right thing. He jumped over, tried to hit the brake—but landed on the accelerator instead. 

The truck crashed through the metal siding. Extensive wall and window damage occurred, along with merchandise, racks, and fixtures in the interior. The minnow tanks were somewhat damaged, but no loss of bait, said Schempp. 

Plywood was placed over the wall, on which Schempp splashed some graffiti: “Not a drive-through.” 

The wall may be repaired in time for the big Lakeland tent sale, which is this weekend. But the Lakeland crew has been so busy preparing for the event that the interior work will probably be delayed for a while.