GISH fairy Nicole Wangler-Kramer delivered flowers with notes of love and encouragement around Pelican on Monday, Aug. 3.
GISH raises money for a Random Acts which chooses different charities to donate to every year.

Now is the time to get GISHy

After months of quarantining ourselves to our own homes or at least trying to avoid other people for fear of COVID, GISH is what we need right now.

Officially, GISH is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt (the World Has Ever Seen), with thousands of participants (GISHers, if you will) from across the world doing the bidding of actor and co-founder/board president of Random Acts, Misha Collins, over the course of eight days. 

Unofficially, GISH is an excuse to get creative, perform ridiculous tasks that take you out of your comfort zone, and complete acts of service for others in order to spread kindness. 

GISH is being convinced to paint a mural on the inside roof of your car. GISH is donating feminine hygiene supplies to a local women’s shelter. GISH is dressing as a stormtrooper (yes, it’s what you think it is) to participate in a local peaceful protest. GISH is writing a social media post advocating to adopt the dog that has been at the local shelter the longest. GISH is jumping amidst a pool of glitter on your trampoline. GISH is creative and weird and challenging and wonderful and full of pure joy.

You may have noticed some of these acts of service around Pelican Rapids on Monday. A GISH fairy donning a tinfoil hat dropped off flowers with kind notes attached. The local GISH fairy even stopped by Pelican Rapids Nursing Home and Pelican Valley Senior Living to leave gifts meant to bring smiles.

Every year GISHers find themselves thinking that it seemed like a good idea at the time but regretting what they got themselves into. After a week of unreasonable pain and suffering brought down on the participants as they struggle to figure out what the tasks mean and what the judges are looking for, everyone realizes GISH really is a good idea – but not usually until after a few “dammit Misha!” exclamations.

After four years of GISHing, I have had many ups and downs. There always comes a point where I regret signing up for this week of stress. But when it’s all over, I immediately miss it and crave the external motivation to get creative and be pushed outside of my comfort zone.

Ultimately, GISH is always a good idea. Join us next year! Check out more information at


Sarah Kirchner Sheldon, Four-Year Veteran GISHer