Sheriff deputies reported that several items were stolen from four units at a storage building southeast of Perham, near Highway 80.

Padlocks were cut between July 15 and July 22.

Among the items missing were a wingback chair, foot stool, glass figurines and other miscellaneous items. Deputies, on July 23, were still working with owners to complete a list of missing items.

Fraudulent check incidents reported

Sheriff deputies, on July 22, received a report of a second batch of fraudulent checks from a resident who lives on the west side of Star Lake.

Check fraud refers to a criminal act that includes making the unlawful use of checks in order to illegally acquire or borrow funds that do not exist.

Most methods involve taking advantage of a practice used to draw out funds, called a float. The float refers to the amount of time it takes for money to move from one account to another. 

Before funds are taken out of the check writer’s account, it’s as if they’re in two places at once. That’s because the check recipient may have already deposited the funds to their account as well.

Vehicle recovered, suspect apprehended

A person who allegedly tampered with a vehicle and stole money and cash from an unlocked truck north of Fergus Falls, near the intersection of Highways 10 and 111, was later apprehended July 21 in Wilkin County near Breckenridge.

The Otter Tail County sheriff’s office said on July 22 that an investigation was continuing. The suspect said he had permission to drive a vehicle from Otter Tail County to Wilkin County.

The person who was apprehended was charged with DWI.